Griffith vintage festival 2019

Are there any tickets available?

We are officially sold out.

Can the organisers just increase the number?

Like many licenced premises we have a maximum capacity which we need to adhere to.

I can’t come now can I give my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you are able to allow other people to use your tickets if you can no longer come. The QR code on your ticket is unique so once it is scanned then it can’t be used again. Event staff take no responsibility for this, it’s up to you to ensure your tickets are kept safe.

Can I change my ticket type?

It is difficult to manage these changes so close to the event. We MAY be able to assist if you notify us before Wednesday 17th April 5pm via email only info@riverinawinemakers.com.au. Please note: We have strict allocations on the different ticket types and may not be able alter these for you.

What kind of event is this?

This is primarily a wine festival run by the Riverina Winemakers Association. We also invite local food vendors to highlight our region's products. It is aimed at adults who enjoy discovering wine and food.


Is there an age restriction on the event? 

Children aged 17 years and under can only attend if they are in the company of their parents or guardians. They will not be allowed to enter the site with older siblings or friends. 

Are there kids activities?

No, we don’t put on specific activities for the kids such as jumping castles etc. We do encourage kids to utilise and play on the beautiful lawn areas and welcome toys that won’t disrupt other attendees.


What do I need to bring?

If you have a festival ticket please bring your photo identification for security staff to check and to receive your wristband and glass.

Your ticket has a unique QR code which we can scan from your phone or from a print out. The tickets are attached to the confirmation email you would have received. We recommend downloading the eventbrite app which will hold digital files of your tickets for you.


Can we bring any food or drink onto site?

The only items allowed through the gate are food and drink items strictly needed for babies through to toddlers. We have a great selection of local food stallholders and Free water for all, so no drink containers allowed through. 

There will be limited Gluten Free and Vegetarian options available from our two main food stalls. If you have any allergies and would like to have the menu verified before coming feel free to email us at info@riverinawinemakers.com.au

Food Stallholders:

  • Alaina’s Kitchen - pasta and pizza (vegetarian options), burgers and chips, gluten free pasta available on pre-order

  • La Piccola Grosseria - fresh panini (gluten free bread options available but limited), antipasto boxes, zucchini bites and a small selection of sweet and savoury items

  • Zecca Handmade Italian - gelati

  • Direct Injection Donuts - donuts with various sauce fillings

  • Snack Bar - savoury snacks chips, nuts and other moreish items.


Can I bring a rug or chair?

Yes we are happy if you wish to bring your own. We do have lots of tables and chairs for our attendees but can not guarantee a seat for every person so you may bring if you wish.


Tokens, Cash, Eftpos?

All alcoholic drinks will be using our token system. $5 for a glass of wine or beer. Standard serving sizes will apply. There will be a token stand which will accept cash or eftpos payment.

All food stallholders will manage the direct sale of food and non alcoholic drinks on the day. All should have eftpos facilities but always good to bring cash just in case.


Is there a lock out time?

We start to reduce gate lines at 3pm and will officially shut at 4pm. If you have tickets and can not make this time line for an important reason email info@riverinawinemakers.com.au and we will see if we can accommodate you.

When does the wine and beer sales cease?

Service of alcohol will cease at 5.30pm sharp. Please refrain from trying to get more alcohol beyond this time as refusal will be certain due to our liquor licence conditions. Anyone caught obtaining liquor after this time line risks being fined.

Token sales - when do they end and can I get a refund?

Token sales to obtain liquor will cease at 5.15pm. Organisers will advise against buying large amounts of tokens as the event draws to a close.

Tokens will not be refunded so please manage your quantities responsibly. There is no minimum or maximum you need to buy each time so there’s no need to buy large amounts.


Can I park at the site?

No you can not park anywhere on the site. We have prearranged parking arrangements with local business houses nearby. They are; 

  • Collier and Miller is the closest but also have minimal parking. We ask that our guests please try leave this car park free for families with prams and preschoolers

  • Griffith Leagues Club - on the Training oval, the parking area out front of Training oval and the parking lot off Bridge Road. Please DO NOT park in their main car park area

  • Griffith Visitors Centre - Plenty of parking there and only 750 meters to venue.

**When parking in these spots please make sure to take care of other cars entering and exiting these sites and increased pedestrians along the footpath. 

We recommend leaving the car at home and getting dropped off by family, friends or local taxi service. We will have a taxi pick up point near the site for you to safely wait and be collected.


Can we leave the site and be able to come back in?

There will be a 'leave pass' system operating on the day by the security staff . This which will be managed at their discretion and under the conditions they deem fit per scenario. You can leave the site and if you wish to return must ensure you re-enter through the main gate again with your 'leave pass' in the set time given by the guard.


Toilet facilities

There will be portable toilet facilities on site for all patrons to use. We do have disabled access to toilet facilities in the main building. Patrons requiring these facilities need to speak to the security guard posted near this section. (signage will be available)


The following behaviour will not be tolerated on site and you will be escorted out by security, possibly have the police called depending on severity and possibly be banned from future events held by the Riverina Winemakers Association

  • supplying alcohol to minors is an offence

  • trying to deceive organisers/security/stallholder staff by helping minors obtain alcohol or get them onto the site without their parents or guardians

  • bringing alcohol onto site

  • intoxication

  • offensive language

  • aggressiveness or inappropriate behaviour towards patrons or staff

  • destruction of property

  • entering restricted or event areas without consent (stage, stalls)

Patrons also risk being banned from future Riverina Winemakers Association events.